Reblog: California’s new Transitional Kindergarten: a glimpse into universal Pre-K

Anyone have experience with this with their children?  Is it working?

“The program was created to make up for the 2010 Kindergarten Readiness Act, which changed the birthdate for admission into Kindergarten over a course of years. By 2014, all incoming kindergarteners will have to be five-years-old.

To accommodate older four-year-olds, the state created Transitional Kindergarten, which is supposed to meet the needs of this younger group of students who can’t sit still as long or control emotions as well as five- and six-year-olds.

Teachers and principals who offered the class this inaugural year said they were glad they did – but said implementation was not without challenges.

The state offered few guidelines and no set curriculum. Some teachers met on their own time during the summer strategizing and planning the new program.”


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