Whooo Hooo! With 152 Backers we are up to $8400! We need $1600 more in 5 days.

We can do this but only with Your Help!  With 5 days left, we have the opportunity to meet our stretch goal to get the Peach Twins Children’s book to you and children everywhere faster (March 2014) and to create an Audio Book version!    

If you haven’t yet please make a pledge!  

If there are rewards you were interested in before but didn’t go for them do so now 🙂

If you haven’t already contacted your one friend or family member that would be interested in supporting their children and children everywhere please do so now, we really need your help to raise the additonal $1600 to reach our goal.  

To make it easy, you can copy and paste this email about our Peach Twins project:


Hello _________,

My friend, Dr. Michael Kurland, has committed his life to creating educational resources to help children live their dreams. He has launched an amazing Kickstarter project called Peach Twins: The Empowering Lovable Children’s Book. The book is designed to make reading fun for the whole family. They’re only a few thousand away from their stretch goal to get the book sent to us faster and the creation of an audio book to go with the book.

They only have 5 days to reach their goal but I know they can do it. Please take a look at the project and if you like it, back it. For $30 you will receive the book before anyone else and the Kurland brothers said they would create additional resources for parents and children using the book for you to help your children. Take a look at their project and video here:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/kurland/peach-twins-the-empowering-lovable-childrens-book

Thank you, (Your name)


Thank you sooooo much!

Also, if you have any connections to parenting blogs or PR outlets, I am available for interviews.

We can reach our $10k goal and create the additional resources and audio book that we are meant to produce!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  

-Kurland Brothers



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