English High School Teacher Paul Barnwell Suggests Increase In Vocational Schooling

Is he right?  Does Common Core waste resources that could be used to train a vocation?

“The bottom line is this: Expecting the majority of students to master the common-core standards in traditional classroom settings is a utopian vision. If we don’t balance its implementation with an acknowledgment that college isn’t for everyone, we’ll be wasting resources and ideas that could be used to get more students truly career ready.

For every student who graduates from high school prepared and excited to continue his or her education, there are countless others who have marginal credentials to continue schooling and limited exposure to worthy career paths.

Photo By: Alfred T. Palmer

Instead of taking two years of foreign language to meet college “readiness” requirements as a junior or senior, why can’t more students take core classes for half the day, then leave school to intern or train as carpenters, electricians, auto technicians, dental assistants, or fitness trainers?”




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