Kickstarter Update – Train Derailment?

Hello Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July and weekend. We went to my aunt’s house and enjoyed family, food and fireworks.  Good time was had by all.

I am happy to saw we received the Wacom tablet, which had quite an adventure getting to us. It would be interesting to hear what happened but this is the first time I’ve seen weather conditions and a train derailment for something I’ve ordered (See below).

Latham, NY, United States 07/02/2013 9:00 A.M. Network disruption due to prior weather conditions, check for further updates.

Latham, NY, United States 07/01/2013 7:00 P.M. Train derailment.

My only guess is something like this happened:

I’m hoping no one got hurt in the process. The good news is the tablet was in 3 boxes, so most likely it sustained no injuries. We tried to get the Wacom tablet working, but it appears that our computer, which is running Window’s Vista, is not compatible. We are now in the process of backing up our computer and choosing to buy Windows 7 or 8, any suggestions?

Also other good news, Kurland Education, Inc is now up and running and we own site. This company will be the foundation for creating all the educational tools and resources we want to provide with the Peach Twins book as well as future programs.

Other goings on, we are still fixing the house up from all the plumbing issues, I guess for $10k they don’t fix the holes they make to get to the piping, so now we are looking for someone to install tile and patch a hole in the wall, before they can reinstall the toilet and sink.

I am also still looking at microphones or recording studios, after some suggestions I am leaning the recording studio way, anyone have any good recommendations for a place in LA?

Thank you again for being awesome by making this all happen!

As always let us know any questions or comments you have.



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