Professor Bill Tierney Take a Look At Wage Discrepancies At USC

Who says there is no money in education?  USC’s Atheletic Director takes home over $2 million dollars.

“A report surfaced recently that Pat Haden, the Athletic Director of USC, makes $2.2 million dollars. . . Some months ago I wrote about Blanca, a custodial worker at USC who earns about $11/hour. We have workers at USC, however, who make considerably less. The minimum wage in California is $8.00/hour.  San Francisco has the highest minimum wage in the nation at $10.55/hour. USC’s workweek is 37.5 hours. I believe our starting hourly wage is $8.60/hour. If that is true, then the good news is we pay more than California law requires. The not so good news is that these folks are making less than $17,000/year.”

A 130 to 1 ratio.

The story can be found


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