Innovative Programs May Slow the ‘Summer Slide’ for Low-Income Students

I couldn’t actually find any concrete evidence that the program has made an impact on the learning/improvement for these students but it sounds interesting:

“According to a RAND Corporation report—“Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children’s Learning”— commissioned by The Wallace Foundation, low-income students are more prone to longer lasting and more academically damaging summer learning loss than their peers.

“While all students lose some ground in mathematics over the summer, low-income students lose more ground in reading, while their higher-income peers may even gain,” the report’s summary says. “Most disturbing is that summer learning loss is cumulative; over time, the difference between the summer learning rates of low-income and higher-income students contributes substantially to the achievement gap.”

In order to help offset the learning losses of at-risk students, some school districts around the country are beginning to take unique and innovative approaches to help curtail the summer slide experienced by academically vulnerable students.

One such school district is Pittsburgh Public Schools. For the past four years, the Summer Dreamers Academy—a free summer learning camp launched by the Pittsburgh Public Schools in the summer of 2010—has been able to engage low income and at-risk students in an atmosphere conducive to learning and fun.”

For more about the story look at:


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