Peach Twins Kickstarter Update (With Illustration)

As of now I have begun working on final artwork for the Peach Twins book. There has been a little bit of a learning curve using a tablet like this (and it’s had a share of hardware/software issues continuing even now). But the artwork I am working on for the book right now, I think, is probably far superior to what I would have been able to do without it. My productivity with it is increasing with each passing day while I get more used to using it as I ramp up to do the truly massive amount of artwork needed to finish the over 80 full color illustrations. I’ve been working late into the night to really try and get this PEACH rolling (I was up till 1am working last night and will likely do the same tonight!)

I hope you all enjoy what we have in store for you, here is a small TASTE of what’s to come. (Get it?)

These are small close ups of parts of a larger background I’ve been working on for a page. Look for more artwork updates from me in the coming weeks, I wont be posting all of it (there needs to be some surprises when you open the book right?). But I will have probably have something new for you to see every time I post an update from now on, so stay tuned!

Thank you all again for your support. This art work is being made for you, because it was made possible by you. Thank you again!




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