Slate Says Schools Need To Train Attention + 1 Attention Strategy

Slate’s Barry Schwartz recently wrote an article about how schools must train students to pay attention you can read his whole article about it here.  I agree that the ability to focus attention is a skill and should be increased in order to allow our students to be more successful.

There are numerous techniques to improve ones own attention, what do you think is a simple strategy you can use to improve your attention?  One simple strategy is to create questions.

Questions hook the mind and your mind immediately wants to find the answer.  How can you use this?  You can control your own focus by creating questions about what you should be focusing on so that your mind will try to find the answer.  Teachers and parents often model this behavior by verbalizing questions to show their thought process.

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New York Time Posts Annotated Mathematics New York State Test Questions for Grades 3-8

How do you do on the test?  Does it seem fair? Is it appropriate?

Test can be found:

And if you are interested they also have an English/Language Test too:

Each answer will be followed with an annotation from the sample test manual.

How many Jobs are Too Many? “Educator Rudy Crew’s long history of short tenures”

Hannah Hoffman article on the Registered Guard gave an interesting looking into Dr. Crew’s history. “Oregon state’s now-former chief education officer has held 25 jobs in 40 years,” what does this mean?

Has he done a solid job creating the pathway for each job he was recruited to do?

Should he stay at a location even if he believes he is finished?

How long must one stay in a position to make a difference?

Let us know what you think!

To see the entire article:

Eductaion: War on Poverty and War on Teachers

David Sirota wrote a piece on how the “reform” movement is full of it and how poverty is the true thing to blame for our falling school system:

He makes a good point, but I don’t think we can just blame it on poverty as well. Low social economic status does greatly affect the education a student gets but I think everyone: teachers, parents, and taxpayers, myself included need to take on the responsibility to make a difference and empower our children to be successful.
As a nation we need to step up and look at what is happening.  Since the implementation of No Child Left Behind our test scores are on the rise but also cheating and teaching to the test is more prevalent as these high stake tests become more important.  We are losing classes that teach arts, creativity, and exploring.  There are many facets that need to change in our educational system and there isn’t one magic bullet to fix them all.  This is why I am want to create supplemental tools and resources to help parents and children become empowered and enable the student to be the most successful, innovative individual that can make a future difference in our society.